Welcome to Macedonia

Discover the captivating region of Macedonia with Selectours, offering meticulously planned excursions to this bewitching location. Macedonia is a historical and cultural treasure trove with an abundance of natural marvels, ranging from towering mountains to tranquil lakes.

Visit the ancient city of Aigai, where the Macedonian kings once governed, and explore the breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage sites of Ohrid and Meteora to immerse yourself in the region's rich history and culture. Our knowledgeable companions will lead you on a journey of a lifetime, sharing insights and anecdotes about the region's past.

Visit the pristine lakes of Ohrid and Prespa or take a panoramic journey through the majestic mountain ranges of Pelister and Shar to discover Macedonia's breathtaking natural scenery. Indulge in the region's traditional cuisine, such as the renowned burek and tavce gravce, to experience the region's vibrant culture.

Selectours prioritises your comfort and convenience by providing exceptional service, comfortable transportation, and lodging options to make your trip to Macedonia enjoyable and stress-free. Our itineraries are tailored to your inclinations in order to provide you with the ideal balance of relaxation and excitement.

Today, book a tour with Selectours to uncover Macedonia's enchantment and create unforgettable memories.


Top Experiences in Macedonia

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