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From Challenges to Triumph: The Story of Albania's Premier Tour Agency - SELECTOURS


When Neritan Dunicari and Jurgen Gjermiza started SELECTOURS in Albania in 2019, they had a vision of providing tourists with the finest tours in the country. They had no idea that their voyage would be fraught with obstacles, ranging from economic difficulties to a global pandemic. But by pure determination and hard effort, SELECTOURS has not only survived, but flourished, becoming one of the leading providers of luxury tours in Albania and beyond.

It is never simple to launch a travel agency from scratch, especially in a nation like Albania where tourism is still in its infancy. But, Neritan and Jurgen were up to the task. They recognised the potential in Albania's breathtaking scenery, rich history, and cultural legacy, and felt they could provide tourists the best possible experiences.

Regrettably, the initial years were difficult.

The worldwide economic recession and the COVID-19 epidemic had a devastating impact on Albania, leading to the closure of numerous travel firms. Yet, Neritan and Jugen were determined to make the relationship work. They worked long hours and poured their hearts and souls into their business, keeping in mind the demands of their clients at all times.

The effort paid off.

Despite obstacles, the tour firm has flourished and risen to become one of the leading providers of high-end luxury vacations in Albania. They provide a variety of trips, including picturesque nature tours, city tours, and tours of the country's finest luxury hotels. And their reputation for excellence has expanded beyond the borders of Albania, with many consumers arriving from other Balkan countries.

What distinguishes this travel agency from others?

The solution is straightforward: their dedication to excellence and customer focus. The workforce at the travel business is comprised of professional and experienced tour guides who are intimately familiar with Albania. They work diligently to ensure that each tour is personalised to the needs of each customer, presenting them with an experience that is really unforgettable.

In addition, the tour agency is committed to delivering superior service from the time consumers book their tour until they return home. They employ the newest technology and the greatest transportation alternatives to guarantee that each tour is seamless and stress-free, and they are always available to answer questions and offer support to ensure that customers have the best possible experience.

The clean and concise slogan of SELECTOURS is "Your Next Guidance." The motto reflects the company's commitment to becoming the go-to resource for people seeking the greatest tours in Albania and abroad, as well as its purpose to provide travellers with the best possible tour experiences.

It was never simple to launch SELECTOURS, especially in a hard economic climate and during a global epidemic. Nonetheless, Neritan and Jurgen persisted, and their tour agency is now one of the leading providers of luxury trips in Albania. With their hard work, passion, and dedication to perfection, they have developed a firm whose mission is to provide consumers with the greatest possible tour experiences.

You need seek no further than "Your Next Guide" for an amazing tour experience in Albania or the Balkan region.