Welcome to the Extras section of Selectours!

Selectours, as a full-service travel agency, is dedicated to providing our customers with an amazing travel experience from beginning to end. That is why we provide a range of EXTRAS, such as transportation, vehicle rental, staff retreats, religious tours, and student travel alternatives, to enrich and personalize their vacation.


Transportation: We have you covered whether you're heading across town or across the nation. Airport transfers, private vehicle and driver services, and group transportation for business events or special occasions are all available via us. We make certain that our transportation services are secure, dependable, and effective, offering you piece of mind while traveling.

Car Rental: If you want to explore your location at your own leisure, we have car rental alternatives to fit your preferences. To make your journey more pleasant and convenient, choose from a choice of vehicles, including budget cars, SUVs, and luxury automobiles. Our automobile rental services are accessible in a variety of locations across the globe, and we make certain that all of our cars are well-maintained and in excellent shape.

Staff Retreat: Our staff retreat is meant to assist your team members strengthen their bonds and develop skills that will allow them to flourish together. We give a four-hour program in which teams may take a break from their everyday work and obligations to concentrate on team building, communication, and professional growth. Our retreats are personalized to your specific needs and objectives, and we offer expert facilitators to help you along the way.

Religious tours: For those seeking a spiritual trip, we offer religious excursions to locations significant to many religions. Our trips are guided by knowledgeable experts who are well-versed in the cultural and theological importance of the places. We also provide customized excursions for parties or individuals that want to stick to a set agenda.

Students: We recognize that students have specific travel requirements, and we provide student travel solutions to satisfy those requirements. Our student travel services offer subsidized airfare, lodging, and transportation, as well as customized tour itineraries that are suited to students' interests and budgets. We collaborate with schools and colleges to offer kids with safe and instructive travel experiences.

In summary, regardless of your destination or objective, our Extras category provides a variety of services to improve your travel experience. We endeavor to offer great service and experiences to make your visit more memorable, from transportation and vehicle rental to staff retreats, religious tours, and student travel. Contact us now to discover more about how our Extras may improve your trip experience.