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Discover the hidden beauty of Albania with Selectours, a leading tour operator that provides a variety of meticulously planned tours. Albania is a land of contrasts, where natural beauty and cultural heritage coexist.

Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of Berat, also known as the "city of a thousand windows," and the 7th century BCE ruins of Butrint. Our knowledgeable guides will provide you with fascinating insights into the rich history and culture of the country.

Visit the Albanian Alps, the Blue Eye spring, and the idyllic beaches of the Albanian Riviera to experience Albania's breathtaking natural beauty. Taste the country's delectable cuisine, such as the renowned Byrek and Tave Kosi, and discover its customs and traditions.

Selectours prioritises your comfort and convenience by providing exceptional service, comfortable transportation, and lodging options to make your trip to Albania stress-free and enjoyable. Our custom-tailored itineraries ensure that you experience the ideal balance of relaxation and excitement.

Today, book a tour with Selectours to discover the splendour of Albania and create lasting memories.


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